"To You, Oh Lord, I lift my soul;

to You, I lift my soul."

                                                                                                                – Psalm 25:1

What is Reconciliation?

The Sacrament of Reconciliation, also know as Confession, is an opportunity for us to experience and celebrate the forgiveness of our sins by our God.

Jesus knew how psychologically and spiritually healthy it is for us to let go of all of our offenses against God and one another, and to do so in a very safe environment of total confidentiality.

As we hear the words from the priest, "I absolve you..." our relationship with God and with the community is reconciled. We become as clean in God's eyes as the day we were baptized. 

Ready for Reconciliation?

St. Augustine Roman Catholic Church offers Reconciliation on Saturday afternoons at 4:30 PM to 5:00 PM, or at any time by request. During Lent and Advent seasons, confessions are also heard after regularly scheduled Masses.

Confessors will be seated in the confessional at the back of the church on the bridge side of the Church Nave. You can choose to sit face-to-face with the priest, or sit behind the screen and remain anonymous for your confession.

Whoever confesses his sins . . . is already working with God. God indicts your sins; if you also indict them, you are joined with God. Man and sinner are, so to speak, two realities: when you hear “man” – this is what God has made; when you hear “sinner” – this is what man himself has made. Destroy what you have made, so that God may save what he has made. . . . The beginning of good works is the confession of evil works. You do the truth and come to the light.
— St. Augustine, Referenced in CCC; Paragraph 1458


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