All are welcome...

At St. Augustine Roman Catholic Church, our doors are always open.  Whether you are a "cradle Catholic" looking for a place to call home, or you're looking to return to the Church, or you just have questions about what it is to be Catholic, we welcome you to step through our red doors.

Perhaps you'll find new friends. Perhaps you'll find new purpose. Perhaps you'll find a place for your restless heart to focus on the God that calls us all home. 

If you'd like to join our parish community, please click here for a Registration Form to fill out. Then, put it in the collection basket on Sunday, or scan and email it to:

All Are Welcome!

What Do People Say About Us?

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"I first came to St. Augustine on a trial basis because of its proximity to my home.  Parishes are different from one another, and so I wanted to be sure this was a good parish for me.  Over the weeks, I got to know people at Mass and found myself looking forward to seeing them.  I also found that I liked the homilies and the music.  So I registered as a parishioner.  As I became more involved in the parish and got to know more of the younger parishioners and members of the parish's Filipino community, I realized that it just feels good to be part of this diverse faith community."   

-Ed Riehl 

"Shortly after reporting for duty at our new head office at the corner of 5th and Market, I began my search for a church within close proximity which will enable me to fulfill attendance to the Eucharistic service on Holy Days of Obligation. At that first Mass I attended, at the very beginning, after his greeting and welcome but before The Collect, the pastor gave a brief narrative of the day’s readings -  a practice which benefits congregants by allowing us to focus and ready ourselves for the message about to be heard.  The pastor skillfully has always been able to identify the thread which links both readings, the Epistle and the Gospel messages, and through his Homily, deliver the exhortation intended to strengthen and inspire us to deeper sanctity and love of God.

At the end of Mass, after the Solemn blessing, the pastor once again uses that opportunity to remind all of our newly identified ‘Remit’- another practice which redoubles efforts to bring about transformation. Had I been called, these are qualities I would have sought to emulate.

Upon reflection, my initial reaction to discussions on acceptance of a job offer and reality of moving to Philadelphia, could be considered to be an affront to God’s divine plan for me. As my attendance at daily Mass and satisfaction grew, I became more appreciative of each day’s opportunities for increasing my faith, meaningfully. In addition, on account of Fr. Bill and St Augustine parish, after just about 1 year of moving to Philadelphia, I was able to realize a ‘bucket list’ objective and accompany fellow parishioners on a most memorable pilgrimage, during the Jubilee Year of Mercy, to Basilicas in France and the Vatican and an Audience with the Holy Father, Pope Francis."     

-Anthony Stewart-Gilkes

"Saint Augustine is a beautiful, ornate church, but the clergy and the parishioners are humble and sincere in their profession of the Catholic faith.  You will feel welcomed and will experience the wonderful peace of this Augustinian parish.”   

- Rene David Quinlan

"I stumbled across this beautiful church when I moved to Old City, but the music program is what made me stay and join the parish. I’ve been a member of many different parishes over my lifetime, but the passion for music at St. Augustine is unlike anything I’ve ever seen.  The community at St. Augustine is also unique and made up of different groups that each love the parish and its history for their own reasons but come together to celebrate our faith."  

-Jessica Smith

"When I moved to Philadelphia in July of 2012, I was delighted that a Catholic church was within walking distance of my home.  The 7:00 PM Sunday Mass worked perfectly!  Plus, there was wonderful music.  I immediately felt comfortable and welcomed by the congregation and priests. The parish offers social activities for each of the Sunday Masses, which makes it easy to get to know other people of the parish.  There are many opportunities to get involved.  My first step at getting involved was by serving as a lector.  I also participate in the Gift of Life outreach program and help organize the 7:00 PM Sunday Mass socials.  Please join us!!!"        

-Bill Schmedding

"St. Augustine's has a weighty history and a light modern spirit. Outsiders and sojourners are welcome." 

-Duncan Wright

"I first discovered St. Augustine in 2011 after taking a bit of time away from the church. I knew I wished to become involved again in my Catholic faith, but I wanted to find a new home parish as well. As an alumnus of an Augustinian prep school, I held the Friars in very high regard and did a simple Google search: "Augustinian parishes in Philadelphia." St. Augustine was the first result to pop up. I attended my first Mass and was struck by not only the beauty and history of the church but by the caring nature of the Augustinian Friars and the deeply involved parish community members.

Since then I have declared that St. Augustine my parish home and have celebrated many key moments in life with many of my fellow parishioners, including my recent wedding.

I make a point a to invite nearly everyone I know to visit or attend Mass at least once. It is truly a remarkable experience."  

-Ryan Niedoba

"When choosing a Catholic parish to attend, typically convenience of location and Mass times are the primary drivers. However, living in an area with many Catholic churches, like Center City Philadelphia, allows more factors to be considered. For me, those additional factors include the ability to serve at Mass as an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion, a welcoming community of parishioners and a talented group of musicians leading the music ministry. St. Augustine Roman Catholic Church abundantly has each of these. At every Mass there are ample opportunities to participate, a welcoming group of parishioners and exceptional musicians that perfectly set the tone. Since my first time attending Mass here, I haven't considered being a member of another parish and I look forward to being a part of the St. Augustine Parish for years to come."   

-Greg Walsh

"I joined St. Augustine over two years ago, shortly after moving to Old City.  In all my years as a parishioner, I have only experienced the warmth, welcoming, and giving of the St. Augustine Parish Community.

Perhaps it is the size of the parish, I believe however it is the pastor, Father Bill, who leads the community of faithful with passion, caring and love of God.

I had the pleasure of serving as a Lector and this was a joy to me as it was the first time I have served in a church ministry.

I was especially touched by the generosity of the parish during the pope's visit. I was honored to receive tickets from the lottery for the Saturday night music festival on the Parkway. I was a favorite Aunt that night, as my nephew and a friend had a once in a lifetime experience. I was a Volunteer Captain during the Pope's visit and on his last day in Philadelphia following my volunteer shift I joined other parishioners to serve as greeters to pilgrims visiting our great city as once again St. Augustine had its doors opened wide to welcome visitors.

I will be joining a new parish when I move and St. Augustine will be a hard act to follow."   

-Mary Ann Zaborowski

"My husband and I are interested in having our two month old daughter, Madeleine, baptized.  We have a bit of a unique circumstance, though.

I was born and raised in New Jersey and grew up in the parish of *****.  In our recent adult years, my husband and I found St. Augustine's and began attending mass on a regular basis (often the Sunday evening mass).  While we never registered as parishioners of St. Augustine's, we attended fairly regularly for a few years.

In 2012, my husband's career brought us to the Midwest. With the recent arrival of our daughter, we have had many discussions about having her baptized in the Catholic Church.  Both my husband and I admit that we have yet to find a church as comfortable as St. Augustine's.  The fact that you welcome everyone is what appealed to us years ago.  Now, here we are... we would love to have our daughter baptized into the Catholic Church, but the only church that feels right to us is St. Augustine's."   

-Nicole Siddell-Duran

"I wanted to be able to provide some comments about my experience at St. Augustine for the past two years!

I initially started going to St. Augustine because it was close to my apartment.  The community is so welcoming.  I would frequently go to the Sunday evening Mass and the music is phenomenal!  Father Bill always has a thoughtful and applicable homily.  I would continue to go to St. Augustine even after moving further away.  I recently moved out of state and will have a hard time finding a parish as wonderful as St. Augustine!" 

-Julianne Kjolhede