God in the planning and purpose of life

hallowed the union of husband and wife.


Marriage in the Catholic Church

Marriage is perhaps the most recognizable sacrament, and yet it holds great mystery and value as a sacramental promise. The Sacrament of Marriage is the total giving for life of oneself to another — totally, completely, without reservation, and unconditionally — in the imitation of how Jesus gave himself to us. This is how married persons use their love to model Jesus Christ and make Jesus present by reflecting Him in our world, and it is expressed in the beautiful act of intercourse, just as Jesus took on our flesh and became one with us.

Christ performed his first miracle at a marriage ceremony, during the Wedding at Cana. A painting of Christ turning water into wine, at the behest of his mother, Mary, hangs beside our altar in the sanctuary, and is clearly visible only to couples celebrating the Sacrament of Marriage, as they sit by the altar rail. 

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Resources for Getting Married at St. Augustine Church

Weddings are held at St. Augustine Church on Friday evenings and Saturdays on a first-come, first-serve reservation basis. Both parishioners and non-parishioners may be married in our church. 

Please contact Ms. Jean Mangini, our Wedding Coordinator at staugweddings9@gmail.com for more information.

Wedding Music Open Houses

Consider coming to a Wedding Music Open House to hear the St. Augustine Musicians present classical, traditional, and contemporary wedding music selections. You'll hear what music sounds like in the church space, and also be able to make some decisions about the music for your big day! Yes, you can bring mom and future-mother-in-law. The more, the merrier.

See our Events Calendar for more, or ask Jean Mangini for more information at stauguweddings9@gmail.com.

Looking for information about selecting music for your wedding, or hiring our talented musicians? This Document will answer your questions!

Steven & Theresa Young Wedding (Ceremony)- August 5, 2016

Reviews from our Wedding Music Open Houses:

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Since love grows within you, so beauty grows. For love is the beauty of the soul.
— St. Augustine