Fr. Bill's Weekly Letter

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March 18, 2018

Dear Parishioners:

As you know, last year during Lent, based on Pope Francis Exhortation, "Our Common Home," we looked at the  topic of our environment and how we as a parish community might respond to some of the issues of our environment. This endeavor continues. Matter-a-fact, it is getting new life as several parishioners signed up at the recent Parish Volunteer Fair to join this committee.

This year during Lent we are looking at the issue of drugs in our society. For the past four weeks we have looked at four different videos from Netflix entitled "DOPE" and then had some very insightful discussions. Participation in all four weeks has been excellent as we had 18, 16, 15, and 17 individuals present each week respectfully. A richness of these weeks has been the diversity of the group. The makeup of the group consists of 2 medical doctors, 3 agents from the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), 3 married couples, 4 single people and of course a priest, all of us ranging in ages from our seventies to our twenties. Now that we have seen and discussed all four videos, we will spend the next two weeks brainstorming to develop a realistic plan of how we as a parish might respond to this epidemic in our society. Our group may get more diverse as two recovering addicts hopefully will be joining us.

Asked what these four weeks has been like, some of the comments of the participants were:

"It has given me a better feel of what is going on the world of drugs."

"It has been eye opening."

"There has been a power in the conversation by hearing the different opinions and perspectives of people."

"The conversations have been really rich."

"The input of the three agents with us has been very valuable."

"Most of us know people who have used or abused drugs, but this experience has given an insight into the         business behind it."

"These weeks have brought out just how complicated the whole topic of drugs is."

"I have a greater appreciation of the magnitude of the challenge."

"It is overwhelming."

"It has been optimistic to be with a group of people who want to make a difference."

As you can see, these four weeks have been very valuable. You will be hearing more about this in the future, but in the meantime please keep us in prayer, especially during the next two weeks as we brainstorm to surface several   realistic and concrete things we as a parish might do to respond to the drug situation in our society.

Have a great week.

Fr. Bill