Fr. Bill's Weekly Letter

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May 20, 2018   

Dear Parishioners:

Pope Francis recently wrote an exhortation entitled, "The Call to Holiness in the Modern World."

The following is a commentary on the exhortation by the Sisters of St. Paul. "As with his other documents, Pope Francis is speaking directly to the Catholic in the pew... He even calls us 'the saints next door.’ I love that phrase. It is not only the beatified and canonized saints who are holy. We too are holy. Our lives are made up of a complex fabric of interpersonal relationships, and it is through the patience we learn and show to those who live beside us, wherever that may be, that persevering holiness is developed."

Obviously, the Pope is speaking to all of us about a calling we each have. If you would like to be a part of a group to discuss the Pope's exhortation, you are invited to sign up in the back of the church. There will be an organizational meeting this Wednesday, May 23 at 7:00 PM to flesh out the details.

Our Capital Campaign is moving right along. Fifteen "solicitors" are now serving the parish by contacting fellow  parishioners. If you are a registered parishioner, one of the "solicitors" will call and ask to meet with you. Before you meet, they will send you a copy of the Case Statement as well as a video concerning the campaign. These "solicitors" are putting a great deal of time and energy into this service. I ask that you respond positively and agree to meet with the person who calls you. We need the cooperation of everyone as "we celebrate our past and cultivate our future." When we go public with our campaign, people and foundations are going to want to know to what degree are our  parishioners helping us raise the funds for the needed projects. We need to be able to give a very positive answer.

I recently learned a new internet term. It is called: "Catfishing." My understanding of this term is someone takes your     identity and sets up an account in your name and emails people you know asking for money, etc. For example, my ONLY parish email is: Someone has created a similar email at instead of asking for money for my niece or a parishioner I am visiting in the hospital. If you get such an email, supposedly from me, please ignore it.

I remind you that our fourth "Theology on Tap" this year will take place after the 7:00 PM Mass this Sunday. There will be a panel of two agents from the Drug Enforcement Association (DEA) and two recovering addicts. There will be an opportunity for questions and discussion. A woman who was here with a group to tour the church a few weeks ago saw the flyer for this event and told me she was going to come because she had a son who is an addict. Extend this invitation to anyone you think might be interested. Adults refreshments will be served.

The movie, "Pope Francis-a Man of His Word" is scheduled to come out this weekend (Friday, May 18). Fathers Jim, Paul and I are planning to see it Friday night. It is the first time in history this type of a movie has been made about a pope. I understand the 96 minutes reflect the personal journey of Pope Francis as he interacts with people from all over the world, constantly trying to unite a divided world. Archbishop Chaput says the following about the movie:

“The most absorbing moments in the film, not surprisingly, are spent with Francis himself visiting immigrants, the poor, the sick, the Shoah memorial Yad Vashem in Israel, and the Western Wall in Jerusalem.” Wenders (the director and writer) weaves an on-going, intimate, one-on-one interview with the Pope throughout the film. It’s a hugely    effective technique; one has a sense that Francis is looking directly at, speaking directly to, the individual viewer. 

Have a great week.

Fr. Bill