Fr. Bill's Weekly Letter

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March 17, 2019   

Dear Parishioners:

We have been talking about "The Survey" for about two months now. We are now at the last hours to participate in it. To date we have approximately 70 parishioners who have done so. We are extremely grateful to them. If you have been meaning to do it, but just haven't gotten to it, please know that surveys will only be accepted until 11:59 PM this Monday, March 18th. If you have not already submitted it, please take 10-15 minutes to fill it out. The more who do, the better reading we get of the parish and the better we are able to respond to your spiritual needs. You will find the link for the survey on the homepage of our parish website. Also, there are hard copies in the back of the church. If you choose to fill one out manually, it needs to be submitted to the Parish Office by Monday evening.

Last Sunday at the 11:00 AM Mass we celebrated the "Rite of Sending Forth." This was a ceremony where the St. Augustine Parish community "sent" Karen Connolly, Ashley Foreman and Tom White to the Cathedral to inform Archbishop Chaput of our recommendation that they be totally initiated into the Catholic Church at Easter. After that liturgy, they went to the Cathedral for the "Rite of Election," where they were presented to the Archbishop. They are now in their last stage of preparation for full initiation with us.  In the next several weeks (this Sunday at the 9:00 AM Mass and next Sunday at the 11:00 AM Mass) we will celebrate "The Scrutinies" with them. The Scrutinies are rites of conversion and repentance. They include prayers of intercession and exorcism and are intended to deliver the Elect from sin, protect them from temptation and invite them closer to Christ, who is the living water, the Light of the World and the Resurrection and the Life. The three Scrutinies are generally celebrated on the Third, Fourth and Fifth Sundays of Lent, but these dates can be altered for good reason.

You will hear a lot more about this in the next several months, but for now, please "Save The Date" of   Saturday evening, June 1st. There will be a major Parish Capital Campaign event held at Villanova University with Jay Wright, Villanova's men’s varsity basketball coach, as the keynote speaker and Jim Murray, the former General Manager of the Philadelphia Eagles and co-founder of the Ronald McDonald Houses, as the Master of Ceremonies. There will be a lot more details to come (Open Bar, Hors d'oeuvres, Buffet Dinner, Tours of the new Pavilion, Door Prizes and a Live Auction for a few big items) but for now, please reserve the date June 1st and reserve $100.

As we enter into the 2nd Week of Lent, perhaps a reflection for us might be which false idol—pleasure, power, honor, or wealth—tempts us the most? Why?  Pope Francis asked this question within his Ash Wednesday Mass.

As we continue our Lenten fast, may we not only fast from (you fill in the blank), but also fast from anger and feast on patience.

Have a great week. 

Fr. Bill