Fr. Bill's Weekly Letter

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Sunday, December 10, 2017

Dear Parishioners:

I hope Advent is going well. It is just about half over--incredible. May we not be caught sleeping but awake and alert to be prepared to celebrate in two weeks one of the greatest events in history--God became one with us.

The music ministry in our parish helped us to set the tone for the season by providing a fantastic concert last Saturday evening. Please see the picture on the front page of this bulletin.

Our parish is extremely blessed to have the quantity and the quality of music ministers that we have. I use that word very purposefully as it truly is a ministry. It helps all of us to pray better and to be aware of God's presence. The  number of people we have involved from both the Filipino and Young Adult choirs is envious of most parishes. The caliber of the individuals is exceptional. We are truly blessed that so many talented parishioners are so generous with their time. They all have donated a great deal of time in each of the past ten weeks to be preparing for the magnificent presentation last Saturday evening.

This is all facilitated by our Music Director, Kim Barosso. He worked over these weeks with both choirs individually and together. He also "recruited" a great deal of talent from outside the parish, particularly from Temple University. We are verily grateful to all of these men and women as well who enhanced the evening for us. Not just because of this concert, but the parish is exceptionally blessed for many reasons to have Kim as our Music Director.

Like all major events, there is a great deal of "behind the scenes" that goes on to have something of this nature go so smoothly. We are grateful to those who prepared the programs, prepared the environment, prepared the food for the hall for the social, and in particular those who cleaned up (always a thankless job) so that it was 'spic and span" for two groups on Sunday morning.

Thank you, one and all for ministering to us and setting the tone for a spiritual Advent.

Have a great Second Week of Advent.

Fr. Bill